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Suggested Uses

Suggested Uses


  • Choose a life issue to work on and apply it during the month.

    • Example: Goal to work on personal boundary issues: In month of Sovereignty, journal about times when you have experienced your own spiritual sovereignty. Times you have set boundaries, etc.

  • Spiritual "accountability buddy" – Having a hard time keeping up with daily readings? Find a friend to read and discuss scripture with!

  • Set the tone of the day: Pick a card at the beginning of your day, to focus your attention on the qualities for that day and month.

    • Read at night and then again in the morning to find new insights.

Family/Children’s and Youth Classes:

  • Family discussion – Dinner table conversations are animated with the  knowledge of the spiritual quality of the day and month.

  • Creative inspiration – Some of the refections on the cards suggest adding art to further explore the spiritual qualities. Check out the Card Inspired Art on the Blog.


  • 19-Day Feasts – Topics for discussion may be: What was learned from the previous (feast quality) month?

    • What are the community's goals for this (feast quality) month?

    • Try reading the quote and then break into small groups to share responses to the quotes and reflections.

  • Study classes and Deepenings – Help your community grow closer by stimulating conversation based on the qualities of the day and month.

Teaching others about the Bahá’í Faith:

  • This unique method of introducing people to the Bahá’í Faith has proven effective for attracting hearts to become devoted believers. 

  • Firesides on the Badi' calendar offer new information to your friends and help Baha'is deepen their practice and understanding of the calendar.

  • Interfaith devotions become an interactive discussion on the practice and definition of the spiritual qualities. 

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