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This is not a calendar for keeping track of appointments or making sure you're at the right place at the right time (though it might be).  It is about orienting your life towards the intentions of the Prophets of God.  Whether you look at the calendar cards each day or reflect upon the guidance periodically you are sure to note how the Bab crafted the months and the days to be in accord with the way the entire world works.  Meditating on the confluence of each day, with the month in which it rests, elevates awareness of what is to come and if reviewed in hindsight often answers the why of a special occurrence just passed. I have been overcome by what just happened and how the card for the day  provides a forecast of what to consider.  My understanding of this is so small, but expands each day.    ~ Dr. Terry Kneisler

I'm a novice but the holy writings seem to 'hit home' with me and what I've felt my entire life…

I've thought about these cards every day.  Reflection turns to action which then returns to reflection which turns to progression.

Big Circle.  ~ Mark H.

My husband and I have been using the cards for the past five Baha'i months. When our daughter was little we knew all the names of the months because we used to sing the children's song with her, but then she grew up, and we stopped doing that, and lost our connection to the Badi calendar. Now with these wonderful cards we have reconnected and in a deeper way. Each morning we look at the card and note the day and the month and then think about the quote from the Writings. It's a perfectly positive and spiritual way to start our day.   ~ Marie L.

These quotes mainly new to me as I am just getting to know about the Baha'i faith and seeing these writings for the very first time.

This is a new way of thinking for me and how I relate to myself and others in my environment- a spiritual awakening! The reflections served as a guide like a true and trusted friend that I would pour my heart out to!   ~ Tammy H.

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