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The Human Quilt

My inspiration for this painting is an embodiment of my acknowledgement of the writings of the Báb and the celebration of the Badí' calendar as introduced to me through the writings and the reflections of the 19-Day Cards. We are all mirrors of God, the Creator, the Most Divine One which is represented by the circle, its shape is complete and never ending as is God's love for us. All things created by God are of the form represented by a square which includes all of mankind. We as humans and of the Creator are circles in the making- not quite perfect. God created all of us as individuals: uniquely multi-colored and multi-dimensional in form; though collectively we are united as one divine instrument. We are connected by the 19 spiritual attributes from God which serve as a mirror, reflecting our love toward each other and then to God and then back to us- wow what a concept that is!! I truly see the cards as a daily discovery which prompted this visual metaphor that I call the Human Quilt!!

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