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The Grandeur of Glory

Below is an excerpt from a journal entry for the day of Grandeur in the month of Glory I thought I would take the opportunity to give appreciation to these two wonderful energies as they meet up again on this the day of Glory in the month of Grandeur.

Gregorian Date: 11th of April

Bahá'i/ Badí‘ Date: Grandeur of Glory

I spent this day with my grandson, his 3rd birthday. "What do you want to do, Jake?" I asked him in a tone as if to say: the sky's the limit!! Without hesitation he said, "Jake go to park with Nana!"

So after lunch we headed to our local park which had a large and wondrous play structure with a variety of equipment sufficient to keep a 3-year old entertained: two slides (one curly, one straight) ladders galore, and a swinging bridge!

As grand as this play area was, his attention was quickly diverted skyward as two military jets passed directly overhead. With his face so full of delight, I could almost see the reflection of these swift metallic flying creatures within his sparkling blue eyes.

I was so taken in by his expression of wonder and excitement that I, without hesitation, quipped, "Wow-wee , Jake! Nana ordered these jets to fly high over your head just for your birthday! I ordered three for you because you are three today-so far only two have come. The third one will be here in a few minutes - I guess he's a slow poke!"

I then came back down to earth and realized what I had done. I shouldn't be making such grandiose promises to such a small child. What if that was it and there were no more jets. What if there were two more instead of one (realizing that they often fly in tandem) that would still be one more than I had ordered!

Ten minutes had passed and I had come to the dire conclusion: I would just have to explain that Nana shouldn't have promised three jets to Jake. At that moment, We both looked up and there it was: jet number three! "Look Nana, other airplane!" Jake said joyfully.

I was rendered speechless with the notion that this had actually come to pass: how could I have possibly predicted such a thing?!!! This time I was the one with eyes of astonishment (and corresponding dropped jaw.) Yes, this time glorious grandeur had paid me a visit as I realized that some things in life cannot be explained away nor should they!

After that magnificent experience, it was on to another area of the park: the wetlands/nature walk. Where we viewed other types of birds which were more native to our environment-waterfowl and songbirds! Then over the footbridge to watch the "doggies" play in the dog park.

The fact that there wasn't a gift to unwrap, as is customary for a birthday, was insignificant in the grand scheme of things and very evident to both Jake and I. For there is no greater gift than a grandmother spending quality time with her grandson under God's heavenly skies surrounded by his bountiful earth with all its riches-one might say is quite simply glorious!!!

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