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Fun Baha'i Calendar Quiz

1. The Badi Calendar Is a ________ Calendar

A. Lunar

B. Solar

C. Half and Half

D. Mayan

E. Martian

2. The month of Perfection (Kamal) is in what element of the Calendar?

A. Earth

B. Fire

C. Chocolate

D. Water

E. Nitrogen

3. In the Badi Calendar, a Vahid is?

A. 19 years

B. 91 years

C. 9 years

D. 361 years

E. 19 months

4. Badi means (definition)

A. Enjoy

B. Worship

C. Unique

D. Fellowship

E. Outreach

5. Splendor (Baha) is known as the…

A. Best month

B. Crown of all the months

C. Enchantment month

D. Remedy month

E. You can eat now month

6. 19 months times 19 days equals 361 days in the Badi Calendar.

The term for the rest of the days (4 to 5) is called:

A. Make up days

B. Year end days

C. Intercalary days

D. Leap days

E. That week

7. The Badi Calendar was revealed by God to:

A. The Bab

B. Shoghi Effendi

C. Universal House of Justice

D. ‘Abdu’l Baha

E. Baha’u’ llah

8. Naw Ruiz worldwide is observed when the vernal equinox occurs in what city?

A. Your city

B. New York

C. London

D. Tehran

E. Rome

9. The Bahai week starts on?

A. Sunday

B. Friday

C. Monday

D. Saturday

E. Thursday

10. The Badi (Bahai) Calendar was revealed and introduced in the 19th century.

What else is true about the calendar?

A. It has 19 days of 19 months

B. Every 19 years the sun, moon, and stars align

C. There is a music scale based on 19

D. There were 19 apostles of Baha’u’ llah

E. 19 is the first and last single number

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